Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Myrtle Beach Weather

Not sure what to pack for your stay in Myrtle Beach, here are some answers to weather FAQ's.

Here's a link to the latest Myrtle Beach Weather.

Q: I am visiting Myrtle Beach in July. How hot will it be?

A: July is typically the hottest month in Myrtle Beach. Temperatures will reach into the low 90s, and humidity can climb to nearly 90 percent. Myrtle Beach’s spot on the coast keeps the weather mild with temperatures about 5 degrees lower than cities farther inland.

Q: I am planning an April trip to the beach. Will it be warm enough to swim?

A: While the weather in Myrtle Beach will be warming up in April, the water temperatures will likely still be around 60-65 degrees. With average air temperatures in the 70s, you can enjoy walks on the beach or a good book in a comfy chair in the sunshine, but only the bravest swimmers will want to take a plunge in the cool ocean.

Q: What is the best month to visit Myrtle Beach?

A: The beauty of Myrtle Beach’s mild weather is that any month is a good month to visit! It just depends on what kind of beach vacation you’re looking for. Golfers typically enjoy the mild temperatures of early spring and fall, while families with children come for the hot summer months when kids are out of school and the ocean, water parks and hotel pools are perfect for cooling off. Many visitors from the Northeast and Canada flock to Myrtle Beach during the winter for our relatively warm weather. No snow shovels needed!

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